Meta tags

Meta Title tags
The title tags should contain your most searchable keywords and must be of maximum sixty character. There should only be a title tag in a page in the format of

Keywords found in the title tags have the highest ranking value with most all of the search engines. The 60 character limit is because of varity found in the nature of search engines. some search engines will only display a maximum of sixty characters of text for a title in their search results and having your page title cut off by some search engines is not what we consifer "search engine friendly"
Meta Describtion tags
The meta describtion tags should contain a brief description of what can be found on the current page or the page which is going to be surfed by the internet surfer and must be of 150 characters of less in length.
You take your time to create a keyword rich meta description tag, which helps you increase your search engine rankings and some of the search engines will highlight search terms found in their search result helping you listing to stand out from others.But remember not all the search engines display the meta description tags everytime, but most all major search engines utilize it and display the meta description tag in their search engine result. the 150 character linit is sue to some of the search engines nature. Creating your meta descriptiom tag under 150 character helps you insure your description makes sense to those who view your page.
The format of meta description tag is

Meta keyword tags
The meta keyword tag should contain only keywords which are also found in the viewable text on the page and the maximum length of keyword should be 874 characters or less in length due to search engines nature. less keywords are more effective than more.
The meta keywords tag is not as important as it was because many searc engines no longer index words found here. The meta keyword tag can increase your search engine ranking when consatructed properly. The 874 character limit is calculated from storage ability of most of the search engines.
The format of meta keyword tag is