Methods to increase the success of your campaign

Until now, you've learned how to locate good potential link partners. In addition, you know which Web sites and services you should avoid if you want to obtain a good and long lasting link popularity.
You've also learned how to contact potential link partner sites and that a personal approach gets much better results than mass emailing sites.
Here are a few other important tips to increase the success of your linking campaign:

  • Link to potential link partners first before you ask them to link to you.
    Tell potential link partners that you've linked to their site and tell them where they can find the link on your site. If you link to other Web sites first, more webmasters are willing to add a link back to your site. If you think that this is too much work, consider using a tool like
    ARELIS to manage your link pages. With ARELIS, you can quickly add new link partners to your site and you can also quickly remove them if they don't want to link back to your site. Building link pages in the design of your Web site requires only a single mouse click in ARELIS. ARELIS also checks if your link partners still link back to you and automatically removes them from your link pages if they don't link back to you anymore.
  • Offer a "Link to us" page on your Web site.
    Make it easy for other people to link to your site. Offer a "Link to us" page on your site that contains sample HTML code that your link partners can copy and paste into their own Web sites. The easier it is for your link partners to link to your site, the more likely they're going to link to you.

    With the snippets at hand, your link partners don't have to think about how to link to your site. A "Link to us" page also indicates that you're willing to exchange links. That means that other webmasters will approach you through that page.
  • Make your link pages easy to find.
    Don't be surprised that no one wants to link to you if your link back to their site is hidden somewhere in your site and cannot be found by the average Web surfer. Make it easy for your visitors to find your links page. If you're afraid of losing visitors, you can open the links to other Web sites in a new window.
Popularity Conclusion
Building a good link popularity requires some work but the results will pay for it. Link popularity is already the most important factor for search engines to rank Web sites.
The sooner you start with your linking campaign, the better the results for your business.
Professional webmaster tools like ARELIS can help you in your linking campaign. They get very good results with little work.
Recommended link popularity tools:
Link Popularity Check (freeware) Checks and compares your link popularity.
ARELIS (commercial) Helps you to improve the link popularity of your Web pages.