Search Engine optimizaton is really a balance of what you do and what you do not do. SEO is a process which needs your time, efforts and commitment. You dont do SEO today and reap its award tomorrow. SEO is a constant and consistent process.

With the foreseen changes to happen in the world wide web, all you need to do is be ready. Remember that you are doing SEO for your readers, subscribers or consumers and search engine friendliness follows smoothly when that is your mindset.

Here are simple checklist to serve as a reminder:

  1. SEO is not one time knockout punch but a commitment to improve on a regular basis.

  2. Do not be tired of learning new SEO secrets and techniques. The turnover of technologies is very fast paced and what you know now may not be useful tomorrow. Always go for new skill set.

  3. When hiring an SEO company, ask all you want to ask them.

  4. Patience is an SEO virtue. It will take a few months or so before you see its results.

  5. From the start, make use of web analytics as guide to setting your SEO goals.

  6. Do not forget the basics of website building.

  7. Incorporate the website map page that can aid the search engines spiders to crawl its way ariund your website.

  8. URLs must be SEO friendly. As much as possible, make use of keywords which can easily be recalled by internet users.

  9. At the kick ofof your SEO project, search for keywords that essential for your business or field.

  10. Give your web pages relevant and unique titles and descriptions.

  11. Think of your readers or consumers before thinking of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

  12. Unique contents never fails. Original content will make you stand out from the rest. Search engines will love you and so will the internet users.

  13. Establish link wisely using reliable and trusted search directories.

  14. Blog search engines love blogs where their spiders can crawl for fresh and well-structured information.

  15. Issue press realese to give your site some exposure. Remember though that there must really be something news worthy or else it will not serve its true purpose.

  16. Be active in social media marketing. Actively participating in different websites will help establish your credibility. Once you are considered as an expert in your niche, word about your website will spread like fire online.

  17. Maximize the opportunity of winning your local traffic. If you own a business, post your number and address where potential clients can contact or visit you.

  18. Take advantages of the free tools that are given by search engines and different websites. This will help you implement SEO without costing you any money.

  19. Diversify where you get your traffic. This will keep you safe from any algorithm updates which may hit your website hard. Grow your market through newsletter, ezines, blogs, social media and local search. Potential clients are all over the place and you should have a very good marketing strategy to get a big chunk.

  20. Always be updated. Keep the list of SEO resources which you can use. Never get tired of looking for new references since SEO will also evolve as search engines, the internet and the users continually evolve. Make sure that you will not be behind SEO race.

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