Original content give high ranking

Search engines rely on the text that can find in your website to determine its relevance and ranking when it displays the search results. This is the primary reason why original content is must.
Internet users go for the freshest and most relevant contents in the internet. Your website must be frequently updated to increase the chance of search engines spiders crawling to your web pages. Logically, better contents will place you ampong the top search results. This will mean more readers or more customers on your part.
There are company sites which really do not focus on providing information on a regular basis. These companies may resolve this by coming up with a newsletter section or RSS which can be distributed to their clients.
Updating your content regularly
You can find ton of contents everyday to put into your website. You can tweak the information you find to make SEO friendly headings and body so search engines will find you.
Remember that the contents you are putting into your website must be useful to your clients or readers. If your content smells like advertising, internet users will not find it very practical for any of their purpose.
If you are operating an online business, you can have an automatic updates of hot or new product lists, discount, online calculators and the works. This may not bring in new visitors but these tools are very useful for your clients and will have a very positive effect on your business.
You can also put up a news section where you can update your readers about changes, events or post some reviews. Another way to get fresh and free content will be through RSS feeds.