Fading metatags still increases your visitors

With the evolution of how search engines determine the relevance of your website, metatags are fading from main stream website design. There are still search engines though that makes use of metadata below the clickable search results. Once users find the information useful, the chances of going to your page increases.
Some search engines still use metatags in their formula to rank your web pages.
These metatags is a tool that web masters use to give users and search engines what their website is all about.With the metatags, search engines are able to figure out the relevance of websites depending on the themes and topics that it contains. Using metatags will not hurt and may still help bringing in the traffic that you want.
Most webmasters or designers make use of the metatags through meta keywords injected into them. A list of keywords in the metatag is a very small boost to have search engines recognize your website but it is worth using.
There are also meta robots that are being utilized to keep contents from search engines crawlers. There are contents that you need to be in your website but you don't want search engines to see and index them.