Manual Guide To search engine optimization(Part 1)

Getting to know SEO
Search engine optimization, or popularly known as SEO, is a vital tool in online success. It helps in a million ways to promote a websites, blogs or a webpage and earn a share of the billions of dollar bedazzled internet.
SEO is a way of making things suitable for the internet, in the manner that search engines will not have a hard time to see it. Web pages or a whole website can be "painted green"with peoper search engine optimization techniques to make Google. Yahoo!, bing, AOL and other search engines attracted towards it.
SEO involves knowing what to do and what not to do so that your website will be on higher positions when a person searchs for something on the internet. Ironically, doing everything you know about seo doesnot necessarily mean you will be on the top of all the websites and be the most eye catching search for a certain keywords.
More people will be visiting your websitewhen the right SEO is applied. Although it does that, it can not be equated to advertising. SEO is not about paying for rating to be on the top but more of being more relivant to what people search for.
SEO may tweak the website for half an hour and everything will be good. It may also mean regular task that must be accomplished to be high ranking in search engines.
Search Engine Optimization, by all means is not accomplished in a blink of an eye but need your time and effort before its fruits can be seen. It also works best if you know how search engines work so your SEO will be as effective as your plan it to be.

Adventages of Search engine optimizaton
It will be nice to know how people use the internet. Everyday billions of people go online to check their emails, keep in touch with friends, promote business and search for things they actually need. These users, about 88% of them, make use of search engines to find their need over the internet. Majority of these people do not go beyond the first thirty search engine results. This is where SEO enters the picture.
You want your websites to reach its audience, and you want people to reach you web pages. When land on your web pages, it is highly likely that they are in need of somethings and you will be earning more. They will be presented with millions of options to follow, and search engine optimization can help you to be among their top choices.
SEO will be able to help you attract more leads, generate more sales, or inform more people that you can ever imagine. On the business perspective, here are some adventages of SEO:

  • Widen your customer or follower base

Proper SEO techniques applied to your website willl help you to get a share of good indexing from the search engines. Keywords or pharases highly sought after by end -users will cost a lot if you will be one of the companies who bid for paid searches. Search engines will index your websites if it is properly SEOd to be relevent.
Internet users who will be led to your website will be an addition to your client base if they find your content, products or services useful to their end.
  • Visibility
Ths can be viewed both from the end of the search engines and the internet user. Search engines will always lead readers or costumers to highly relevent websites. SEO increases your visibility on the internet so you can reachout to your target readers or customers in the internet market.
SEO helps you build your brand and make it among the top choices in the internet market. Visibility through SEO means findablilty and accessibility from the end of the consumers.

  • Credibility and Market Perception

When people see you among their top choices when they do their search, this gives them the impression that you are the best among your class. You are among the top caliber in your fields. SEO helps you attain a respectable perception from potential clients.
According to studies, people led by search engines to the website will most likely stick to what they find your website. This means SEO also increases your revenue through repeat customers.
  • Build Intellectual Property Asset
This may sound complicated but it is not really that hard to understand. SEO focuses on creating keywords enhanced, quality content which makes it a findable target of the search engines.
The quality contents that you see in your website make you one of the authorities in that feild of business. Search engine optimized content will indirectly benefitother areas of your business aside from placing you on a better search rank position.
  • High Quality Web Standard
Search engines know when there are errors in your website. Error in your code are a minus factor for you to be placed in the higher page rank. SEO makes sure that you have a well built website which will be inviting to the eye of the search engines.
Talking about the adventages of SEO, try to enter it in the search engine and it will give you countless adventages. SEO gives you the tangibles in terms of more traffic and probably more sales. In the long term, SEO will not just be your key to online success but the gurantee that the search engines will show you the money.