Evolving of Internet and SEO

How we are using the internet is changing the world. We are using it for business, for arts, or simply for expression of our ideas. Still the future will be focused on reaching to other people online. According to experts, how you should optimize your website will also get a facelift.
Experts are foreseeing how search results will be subjective. There will be big shifts with how we see the page results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Search Results Based on Behavior
How you will see your search results on your end will not be the same how one person on another computer will see the search results. Personalization will be the name of the game and things will depend on the search history of the individual.
Let’s say you enter a generic term like “dog”. One person might be looking for the types of breeds while another is looking for adoption information for dogs. Ideally, search engines will know what one is looking for.
Intention Prediction
Search engines will be able to predict what your intention will be. This may be based on your IP which is tracked by the search engine. The search engine will know when you enter “Mercedes Benz” in the search field. It will determine if you are just researching for information or do you have an inclination to buy a car. The search engines will be able to take you to the web pages that will answer your needs.
R.I.P.: Ranking
Page ranking may soon be dead. Experts are predicting major shifts that internet users will see in their search results. SEO consultants will have to look into conversions, actions, bounce rates, traffic, and analytics.
Traffic will be the name of the game as intent based search and behavior based searches start to go full swing.
Universal Search
Search engines will have the capability of crawling into audios, images, and videos. The search engines will be able to convert them to text and tell how interesting, relevant, and reliable your website is.
Videos will be search engine friendly and gone will be the days when search engines don’t find videos and audios useful. Spammers will not enjoy the future of the internet since they are just scraping on text which will not get the ranking or attention from the spiders. Generally, internet marketers must come up with contents that can convince users to bookmark their site, interact, read, or other things which will mark the site as very important to the user. Technologies that recognize the contents of scanned objects are also being developed. This will paved the way for inclusion of books, letters, and other documents as part of the search results. SEO wise, these materials cannot be beefed up easily because of the set up but will be very useful for everyone as the resources for information broaden. Not relying purely on metas or tags, search engines will be able to visually identify specific faces of persons, or places that one enters into its search fields. Specific keywords in a speech or audio file can also be recognized and be easily found through the search engine. Social input will be very important in the future and internet marketers will have to find a way so users will favor their websites.