What is Keyword Density? (Part 6)

After knowing the important keywords that will land your website on the top search pages, it will also be best if you know how make your web contents keywords-rich. The keyword density is the measure of how your web pages are relevant to the information needed by internet users.
The higher the density of your keywords, most likely the more relevant your page will be. Technically, 3 to 7% for major keywords will be very good structure. Minor keywords can be given a 1 to 2% density in your pages.
Utilize the keywords that you have to make sure that your relevant will be your content. You have to be careful though that you will not sacrifice the readability of your web contents when you plant too much of the keywords needed. This may win favor from search engines in a way but not your potential readers or customers who will not understand a speech of sense from your website. Overdoing it may also result from banning of website from certain search engines cause it will be interpreted as manipulating search results.
There are no set rules when optimizing your web pages with a set of keywords from a very good list but always remember that you design your pages for your readers and customers not just merely for search engine spiders. Keywords stuffing is taking advantages of the system is considered very unethical in the information technology world.