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Keyword Live

AnalogX Keyword Live shows you the top 100 keywords and phrases being used on several popular search engines on the web - in real time!

236k file.

Zone Alarm - Free Firewall

The absolute best free protection you can have for your computer. Protect your computer and computer contents while online and offline. Protect Now!


Download: 1.6M file.


A great time saving tool. Free! You define buttons that will type in any information you want into any application. Fill out forms on the web, or process forms at work. Great tool for applications like creating HTML code or writing standard letters or emails.. Totally FREE!

Download: 372k file here. Win95/98.

Sam Spade

Best free tool for a webmaster! Features; Ping, NSlookup, who is, traceroute, finger, SMTP VRFY, website download,email header analysis, and more. Use this web tool to track spam, to monitor your website, to troubleshoot connection problems. This is a webmasters dream tool. And Free! Win95/98/NT.

1.80M file.

FTP - Commander 4.01
Finally a free FTP program. Not a professional one but very
funtional for free. Program allows to delete, to rename and to copy files; to create and to delete directories on FTP - server.

336k file. Win95/98.

Lite 4.9 (New)

Freeware version an award-winning text editor for Windows 95 and NT4. Create web pages, write source code, send e-mail, take notes, analyse text, read files, and much more!

1.84M file. Win 95/98.

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
A spidering software that checks Web sites for broken links. Works better than alot of professional products. This is freeware link checker software that has more uses then you can shake a stick at. I use it to check for dead links, to study competitors, to check web site structure, and to compile a quick list of all site urls for search engine submission. You can even use this software to search categories in the Yahoo! Directory for dead links.

1.05M file.

Alias Software

A great new search and replace software designed for webmasters needing to update tons of web pages at once. A lot of features to maintain your ad codes and search boxes. This one webmaster tool has saved me thousands of hours and has paid for itself over and over. The block replace feature is powerful and can be customized for almost any use. Replace banner code, text code, copyrights, even partial code like getting rid of font tags on multiple pages. Every webmaster should have the Alias find and replace software in their toolbox. Try it Free!

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