ways to get listed in 10 search result

This is an article to show you the fastest way to get top 10 in the search engines for your own website. This method always work, especially for keywords with low competition. But there are some factors you need to consider before using it.
Ok, here is the method in summary:
Simply use the keywords that you want to rank for as the domain name of your website.
For example, if you want to get top 10 rank for “migraine headache relief”, you can name your website as one of the followings:
migraineheadacherelief (.com, .net or .org)migraine-headache-relief (.com, .net or .org)
If those domain names are not available, you can add a prefix or suffix such as my, site, guide etc. For example,
The idea is to include the keywords in your domain name.
Before using this strategy, there are some issues you should consider:

1) It’s not a loophole
This method works for competitive keywords. If you don’t believe, search for ‘acne’ and see which website ranks top.
But this method is NOT a loophole.
You still need to build links into your homepage.
The only difference is you need lesser links compared to websites without the keywords in the domain names.
This brings us to the next important point - keyword research.
2) Keyword research
The more competitive the keywords, the more links you need and the longer time it takes for you to get top rank for that keywords.
As a start, it would be a better idea to aim for less competitive keywords.
How do you know if a keyword phrase is competitive?
Simple. Below are my personal checklist:
i) Google search result for that keyword phrase should have less than 500,000 results.
ii) Some of the webpages in the top 10 results should have a PR less than 3.
iii) Some of the webpages in the top 10 results are internal pages of Squidoo.com, Hubpages.com, Blogger.com, Ezinearticles.com and/or Buzzle.com.
If I found a keyword phrase that satisfies all the 3 criteria, plus the keyword phrase has a good demand, I know that I’ve found another gold.
3) Branding
If you think domain name such as migraineheadacherelief.com looks ugly, you are absolutely right!
But if I am creating an affiliate site or Adsense site, I don’t really care whether my domain name looks professional.
If I’m creating a website that requires some form of branding, I may have to give this trick a pass. Alternatively, I will try to include as many keywords as possible while making sure that the domain name looks professional.