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The basic goal of search engine optimization is to make your website more visible to the search engines. Proper SEO will lead to higher page ranking and ultimately bring in higher traffic. The more users that visited your site, the higher chances of monetizing and earning profits.
SEO is just one tool in the box to improve your website in terms of relevance and eventually traffic. There are several ways that you can explore to boost your hits and conversions:
Once you have optimized your website, it will be best to consider submitting it to the search engines. Search engines have the sections where you can submit your site but do not expect that they will find your site right away.
Spiders of search engines crawl the internet to index millions of websites on a regular basis. We cannot be sure when the spider will evaluate your website. The search engines will also reserve the rights of opting to visit your website or not. You can try your luck with Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
There are also search directories which can evaluate the relevance of your website. Unlike search engines, they do not have computer spiders to do the job. These search directory are maintained by humans.
Another good venue to give your website some exposure are webmaster forums or topic specific forums. You can find the specialized sections of these forums or sites to meet a potential target market that shares the common interest. You have to make sure though that the forums allow posting links since some may be strict about it. You don't want yourself being banned in a forum since this may effect the credibility of your website.
The last two methods may be more time consuming than submission to search engines, but traffic will surely increase when you exert a little more effort.
  • Search Engines for Specific Niches
Google, Yahoo!, Bing are not only the search engines that you can use. There are specialized search engines which are authorities in their own rights.
These search engines collect information on particular topics like law, universities, hospital, health, education etc. They prowl on the net to search for related resources that can be used by their users.
You can look for search engines that specialize in your niche. You can submit your URL to these search engines and been seen by people who are in the same field of interest. Sometimes it may even be more worth it to do this than striving hard to be on the first page of the popular search engines.
  • Paid Ads
If you want to see immediate results, paid ads and submission is the way to go. Search engines allot a section for paid links. Keep in mind thought that most internet users do not easily trust URLs that they see as paid links.
You have to consider the pros and cons of paying ads to be seen on the right spot where users can see you on the search results. Think of the budget and determine if it will be really helpful for your business.
  • Promoting Your Website with a limited Budget
Today the competition among websites covering the same niche is very tough. Getting top rank is very difficult thing to achieve. With a little budget at hand, you can make use of promotional techniques that can boost your website traffic:
  1. Adwords :- Google's bank account is piling up billions of money from the combo of adsense and adwords. The simple explanation is that these things bring in the money. Adwords may be considered as among the most efficient tool in marketing your website. All you have to do is create an account, inject the most relevant keywords to your site and bid accordingly. At lowest bids, your website may not land among the top results but will find its place on the content network or where websites of people the employ adsense appear.
  2. Website Specific Adwords :- When using Adsense, you will notice the option "advertise on this site". This allows you as an advertiser to create customized advertisements that you can display on specific websites. It does not work on per day click basis but usually implores cost per thousand impression. This controlled advertisement gives you the advantage of putting the text that you want and in the website that you think is best for your campaign.
  3. Ads in Stumble0Upon :- StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that enables internet users explore excellent websites using their browser tool bar. When one goes to Stumble, webpages that got positive feedback from other user will be sent to him. You can also rate website negative or positive depending on your experience. There is also StumbleUpon Ads which help you deliver your website to the users. For $0.05 per page delivered, there is a considerable amount of conversion to regular readers.
  4. Direct Banners :- you can utilize the banners of websites which provides this space for paid advertisements or sponsorships. Using direct banners presense will help greatly in building your brand. Being on banner stirs curiosity among user and has high potential of gaining the much needed traffic. Internet users also perceived your site as a credible one since you are somehow believed to be endorsed by another website.
  5. Text Links :- Another way to increase your traffic is by purchasing text link ads. This does not have a direct traffic effect but your ranking will be given a boost. The website where your text links will be placed matter most. The more relevant and perceived your site as a credible one since you are somehow believed to be endorsed by another website.
  6. Sponsor Reviews :- There are websites and forums which offer paid reviews. Like any other business, sponsored review will be like spreading through word of mouth effect in the real world. You can hire a review for a few dollars or experts for a few hundred dollars.
  7. Blog Network :- A numberof blog networks are designed for traffic exchanges. You can earn credit by visiting other blogs of people. With these credits, You are able to purchase banners around the network or ask people to visit your blog. Most of the time these blog network also allow purchase using money, and for a very convenient price you can increase traffic to your website.

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