Tips for formatting, avoiding duplicate content

Formatting Your Content
When you have a tons of contents on your website, you need to highlight the important points from the rest of the words. You make them bold or italicized so human and search engines can recognized the important wors and pharases easily.
Be careful not to over do the text with tons of bold and italic texts because it will not serve its real purpose. Make sure that you lay out your pages optimally for the human eyes.
Avoiding Duplicate Content
When you get new content, you always need to ask yourself if it is an original content. If your answer NO, then expect trouble.
If the contents in your website were stolen from the pages of other websites then you have posted an illegal copy of the web contents. Search engines will tag these contents as a duplicate content and the reasult will not be favourable to your website. Your website may ultimately be out of the search reasults.
One way of going around this is by obtaining rights to tweak the contents so you can make it original for your website.
Search engines have been very strict about duplicate contents when webmasters try to manipulate the system by creating multiple copies of web pages to hit the high rankings. The search engines algorithms were fooled that the website have the ton of contents when in fact they cannot be consider authorities in their niche.
The malpractice had resulted to search engines activating duplicate contents filters. The content filters remove the suspicious pages. One down side of this is that some legitimates sites like manufacturing companies who share contents with its distributors are taken out of search reasults.
There are sites like copyscape.com which you can use to monitor similar pages on the internet which may contain duplicates of your content. You can get in touch with webmasters of these websites and ask them to remove the duplicated contents. You can also try to alter some of your text contents to avoid the penalty from the search engines.

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