I’m guessing that this paper was only the basis of Google, the beginning theory…I’m sure Google has evolved quite a bit since that paper was written. Nevertheless, it’ll give you a good understanding of the theory behind PR.  In a nutshell, PR is a calculation of “backlinks”…or…how many other web sites are linking to your site…and not just how many other web sites are linking to you, but the quality of those web sites.
If you have ten PR 2 web sites linking to you, that’s not as good as one or two PR 4 web sites linking to you. So you want to have high PR web sites linking to you (though there’s nothing wrong with having low PR sites linking to you too….high PR sites are better, but low PR sites are better than nothing).
Google PR is based on democracy…every web site that links to you is considered a “vote” for your web site. The site with the most “votes” gets ranked higher. Makes sense right?Google figures that if a whole bunch of web sites (especially high PR web sites) link to you, your site must be good….they wouldn’t link to you if your site was lousy, would they? Well, that’s the logic behind it at least.

So how do you figure out what your web site’s PR is?
To determine your web site’s PR, you need to install the Google Toolbar. It’s a web browser add-on that will show you the PR of every site you visit.
To get the Google Toolbar, go here: http://toolbar.google.com/
You can download the Google Toolbar there for free. The PR feature is an “advanced feature” of the toolbar…so right when you start installation, it will ask you if you want to: “Enable Advanced Features (anonymous information will be sent to Google)”.
You’re going to need to make sure you click that button to enable the advanced features (ie the PageRank tool).
Once you install the Toolbar you can open your web browser and you’ll see it sitting right there at the top of your browser. You can click the “options” button and customize things if you want (that’s where you can disable the pop-up blocker that comes with the toolbar – which I recommend you do).
Once you’ve installed the Google Toolbar, you’ll see a little green bar at the top of your web browser that looks like this:

See that little green bar with the word PageRank over it? If you put your mouse pointer over that little green bar, you’ll see the PR of the site that you are currently visiting. That’s your site’s PR.

Now it’s important to note, Google only updates the Google Toolbar every once in a while…so the PR that the Toolbar is currently showing may not necessarily be what the site’s PR actually is at the moment….but it will give you a good approximation of how well you’re doing.

You can use the Google Toolbar to find out the PR of your site, or virtually any other site as well. That’s good to know. It’s nice to be able to see what your competitor’s PR is!

Take another quick look at that picture above….notice that blue circle with the letter “i” inside it….right next to the PR meter…that’s pretty important too. If you click on it, a small menu will pop up. One of the things on the menu is “backward links”.

That will show you all the other pages that are currently linking to the site that you’re currently looking at. That’s pretty important! Since your PR is based on how many other sites are linking to you, it’s a good thing to be able to tell exactly what sites ARE linking to you…(or what sites are linking to your competitor that gives them such a good PR).

I think it shows the sites that are linking to your site that (themselves) have at least a PR or 3 or higher. Good to know.

Google Ragerank Explaination

So just what the heck is PageRank and why is it so important to your

web site’s traffic?

First a little history….

When the founders of Google wrote the academic paper at Stanford that

was the basis for the whole idea of Google, that paper dealt largely with

PageRank. So you could say that PageRank is the whole basis of Google.

So it’s pretty important.

PageRank is one of the main factors that Google uses to determine how

important a web site is and, therefore, how high to rank that site under a

given keyword.
Google admits on their web site that they have over 100 different factors

that they use to rank a web site. The one we know the most about (and

seems to be the most important) is PageRank. (From now on I’ll refer to

PageRank as PR).

Getting your web site listed at Google is useless if your site’s listed

underneath a thousand other sites. In order to make sure people see your

web site, you need to be listed within the top 10 or 20 sites listed under a

given keyword. That’s where PR comes into play…

So what is PR? Good question!

PR is a mathematical calculation of how many other web sites are

linking to your web site.
A web site can have a PR of zero to ten. A PR of zero is bad….a PR of

10 is perfect. I’ve never really seen a PR 10 site (except for Google

itself)….it’s very hard to achieve a PR 10.

PR 7 is about as good as us ordinary mortals can expect to get…6 is still

very good…and a PR of 5 is acceptable. Anything under a 5 and you’re

going to want to put some serious work into raising that number.

Let me put it into perspective. Let’s say you have a web site about dog

grooming. You want to be listed at Google under the keyword phrase “Dog

Grooming”. Fair enough.

Let’s say that your Dog Grooming web site has a PR of 5. Not bad.

Now, your site isn’t the only site in the world about Dog Grooming…. So

we head over to Google and type in the phrase “Dog Grooming”….up pops

a list of the top ten Dog Grooming web sites.
Imagine now that the very first site listed at Google under the phrase

“Dog Grooming” has a PR of 7.

Remember, we said that your web site has a PR of 5. If you submit your

site to Google, would you expect them to list your PR 5 web site above the

PR 7 web site that’s already listed there? Nope….

There are exceptions…the highest PR site isn’t always ranked first

(remember, Google looks at over 100 different factors when determining

how to rank a web site), but chances are, the site with the higher PR is going

to be listed first. PR is THAT important.

So in that example, you’d have your work cut out for you….you’d need

to raise that PR 5 to a good solid PR 6 or 7. But how do you do that?

Designing tips for web page

As the owner of a website design business, I have to admit that I've seen it all when it comes to websites.

Some clients come to me with fancy, expensive sites, packed with lots of Flash animation and high-end gadgets. The sites look great, but sales are virtually non-existent.

While others have homemade sites they either created themselves or with the help of a friend or relative (or the high school kid down the street). These sites usually give a very unprofessional image and don't perform.

And more than a few don't even have a website (and that's the kiss of death in today's wired world).

Well, no matter where you are in the process of getting on the web, this course will help you create a better, more successful website.

Since most of my clients tend to be businesses, we're going to focus on creating commercial websites that increase sales and generate more leads.

However, even if you have an informational website, you'll pick up a few tricks from this e-course to help you attract and retain more visitors.

We'll even talk about how your website can open up additional revenue streams for you or your business.

So let's get started...

First, I want to share the two most important ingredients that every commercial website needs...

Traffic and conversion.

Here are the short and sweet definitions:

Traffic is simply the people who visit your website, preferably people who want what your business produces or sells.

And conversion means getting those people to perform a desired action while they are visiting your site. That action might be buying your product directly from your website using online ordering or phone, or it could be contacting you by email, phone, or online form for more information (in other words, a lead).

If your site has both traffic and conversion, then it's doing its job and becomes an important asset to your business.

But, if either one of these ingredients is missing, then your website (and business) is in trouble.

Let's take a closer look at traffic.

Quality traffic (also known as "targeted traffic") means visitors who want what your business has to offer. If you have no traffic coming to your website (a problem for MANY businesses), then nothing happens. Having no traffic is as bad as not having a website at all.

Likewise, if the people visiting your site don't really want what you offer, then nothing happens.

For example, say you own a plant nursery. But the people who visit your site are looking for furniture for a BABY nursery. You certainly won't sell many tree seedlings, tomato plants, or gardening supplies to new parents who are shopping for a crib.

We'll get more into how to find and attract visitors to your website in Lesson 4 of this course. So keep checking your email!

And conversion is just as important as traffic.

That said; most people's websites are absolutely horrible at conversion.

The first step is getting people to stay on your website long enough to take the action you want them to take.

That's tougher than it sounds. For most websites, the average visit lasts less than 30 seconds before the visitor clicks away.

A website that converts well will first capture a visitor's attention through a combination of effective design (which includes photos, graphics, and layout) with relevant copy (the text).

Once your website has a visitor's attention, the copy and design should work together to persuade a qualified visitor to take the action you desire.

Conversion is an interesting combination of art and science. And what's really interesting is the fact that even small improvements in conversion can mean a huge increase in sales and profits.

Increasing your site's conversion rate from 1% to 2% means DOUBLING your results. That's twice as many sales or leads!

But don't worry if conversion rates don't mean much to you now. We'll cover conversion in more detail in our next installment.

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