Way to contact potential link partners

we told you how to find good potential link partners. When you've found such high quality sites, it's important that you use the right words to contact the webmasters of these sites.
If you want them to link to your Web site, you have to be personal and politely. Emails like the following usually do NOT work:

Subject: Let's trade links
Hi! I've found your site and I think we could link to each other. That will increase your search engine ranking and mine, too.
Best, Najar2008
Many webmasters consider sending such messages as spamming. It's much more effective to use personalized email messages. They'll improve the chances of your link request message being read and acted upon favorably.
If you want positive feedback, you must convince the webmaster that you've really visited the Web site and that you know what the site is about.
Try to convince them that your Web site is related to their site and make it easy for potential link partners to link back to your site.
Here's an example:

Subject: Axandra.com and CheckYourLinkPopularity.com
Dear Peter,
I found your CheckYourLinkPopularity.com site recently and like it very much. I think the straight-to-the-point web site design is perfect for the freeware tool you're offering.
I've placed a link to your site at http://www.Axandra.com/recommended-sites
I've noticed that you link to other Web sites that are related to your freeware tool. We offer a Web site promotion tool that also focuses on link popularity (http://www.axandra-link-popularity-tool.com/).
It'd be great if you also placed a link to our Web site. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by email or phone at 123-456-7890.
Best regards,
Johannes Selbach, CEO
for ready made HTML code. ---snip---
As you can see, we've already linked to the other site before asking them for a reciprocal link. If you've already linked to a site, the webmaster is much more likely to answer your request.
This sounds like a very time consuming task. Fortunately, there are tools that help you with that. If you use ARELIS, a software program to manage reciprocal links, you can quickly visit and contact potential link partners.
ARELIS lets you preview a Web site and offers a built-in email client that helps you to contact potential link partners quickly and easily. You can use email templates that use variables so that you can create email messages very quickly. For example, ARELIS can automatically insert the name and the URL of potential link partners as well as many other variables.
However, ARELIS is not a spamming tool because it only lists relevant Web sites and you must visit every Web site before contacting it. Just how a serious webmaster would do it and what brings the best results.
In addition, ARELIS automatically creates and manages your link pages for you so that you can quickly add, edit and remove link partners from your Web pages.
You can download a free demo version here: