Importance of links for building your online presence

How the world wide web is constructed is best described by links. Links are the association created by the foundation of hypertext. You link to the websites that you like and likewise the other websites will link to your pages.
All the web pages in the internet are interwoven and interlinked. The spiders of the search engines crawl through these links to find relevant web pages when a internet users enters a search. The more links you have, the faster the search engine spider will find your website. Lesser links means less chance for your website rank on the top pages of the search engines.
Search engines do not simply rely on the quantity of the links of your site but also check for quality of the connections as part of its algorithm.
When we consider SEO concerns, there are two important types of links- inbound and outbound.
Outbound links originate from your website interconnecting to another website. On the other hand, inbound links or backlinks start from other websites going to yours.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial since they serve as a measure of your popularity of your website among internet users. You can consider some backlinks good and some bad. Categorically speaking, backlinks are not equal because they depends on the reputation of the website that connected to you page. Links coming from relevant sites with similar themes and subjects may be considered backlinks. Bad backlinks begin from suspicious places in the internet like link farms. These should be avoided as much as possible. Links which are hooked to your website without your knowledge must be declined or removed.

You can obtain backlinks from different web directories if you are just starting to build your online connections. There are backlinks builders that you can find online. Webmasters of different websites negotiate terms so aggrements can be reached and links between websites will be exchanged. When doing these, be sure that you are linking with good sources.
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  • Internal Links

Internal links or connections between pages of the same websites are also very important.Aesthetically, using graphics or buttons for links are a lot prettier but not SEO friendly. Instead of these, it will be better and wiser to consider using text links. The text links can be seen by the search engine spiders compared to the design blinks like flash animations, images or buttons. If it will be unavoideable, play safe and make use of textual descriptions in their tags.

  • Anchor Text

Anchor text is one of the most crucial elements in the success formula of backlinks. It is the text that someone clicks to go to the hyperlinks that you provide. The anchor text is where all action starts. You will be getting readers, subscribers or clients, because of good anchor texts.When you browse through your backlinks, it will be best to look into the anchor text and make sure that you have properly injected keywords into them. SEO work will be lot easier if you are using anchor texts.You can find free backlink anchor text analyzer online to check if you have used backlinks appropriately. Aside from the link itself, the text around it must also be catchy enough to convince users to click them.

  • Link Do's and Don'ts

Links make your websites relevant and creditable but like keywords stuffing, too much links bought to boost traffic must be avoided. The search engines will not be pleased to see thousands of links being bought by a websites. It will be too manipulating of the ranking system and they do not appreciate this.If you are planning to use link farms, evaluate your situation carefully and determine if it will bring you any good or will buying links will give you the worse end of the deal.Link exchange may alsohave a negative effect in the long run. Too much links from a single site will somehow "marry" your pages to the other websites. You also have to worry of the text links being removed by other parties.A good ratio between inbound and outbound links must also be maintained. It may really depends on the purpose of your website but the ideal is to keep the balance between two.