formatting your frames and javascript

Search engines view one URL as a single page. When frames are used by web designers, search engines get confused because a framed page may actually share a single URL but contain several web pages. They can still be indexed by the search engines but it serves as a challenge for them. The evolution of the internet paved the way for less and lesser use of frames in web designs.
When frames cannot be avoided, web designers must again provide useful text descriptions in their tag to help search engines find these web pages.
Websites are basically built on the foundations of HTML but this language is not capable of supporting the requirements of internet users today. Storage of session and database capabilities is well beyond the borders of HTML.
Javascript and PHP are utilized to handle other important needs of websites today. Like those mentioned above, search engines also ignore every javascript that they encounter on a web page. Links that are placed within the codes of the javascript are ignored by the spiders and are therefore not indexed. Some place the javascript codes in the HTML but it may be too cluttered for the search engine spiders that they skip it most of the time.

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