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Website Auto Submitter

Use our free service to automatically submit your url to the
top search engines and regional directories. Fast and easy,
with a click of a button. Submittal to Excite, Go!, Hot Bot,
Fastsearch, Lycos, Northern Light, Webtop, Fireball, and others
Major Search Engines and Search Directories

Manually submit your web pages to the major search engines
and directories. Hand submission is practiced by many top
professionals. Submit directly to Yahoo! Directory and the
Open Directory Project (OD). Also, submit your web site to
the major crawler engines like FAST AllThe Web, Lycos, Hotbot,
AOL Search, MSN Network, AltaVista, and the rest of the top
search engines.
Popular Search Engines and CPC Search Directories

Manually submit your web pages to the major search engines
and cpc directories. Hand submission is practiced by many
top professionals. Submit directly to inktomi, Looksmart,
iWon, Zeal Directory, Overture, About.com, and the rest of
the top search vehicles.
75 Free Classified Ad Sites

Submit to 75 Free Classified Ad Sites. These are hand picked
and includes the top traffic producers. The list includes
the top free classified ad sites as well as the little known
and hard to find ad sites. Constantly updated.
Affiliate Program and Sponsors for Content

Used correctly, affiliate programs, ad sponsorships, and pay
for action programs, can be another way to generate traffic.
By providing book reviews, relevant products, industry articles,
or interactive live feeds, you are providing added content
to your site which your visitors will value. Note: I only
recommend programs that I use myself.

Other Promotion Resources

Learn other free ways to promote your web site.

Search engines, directories, and free for all link pages
are useful and effective in creating site awareness, but
they are just a piece of the promotion pie as you need to
explore the many other avenues to promote your site.

Web site awards, web rings, Top sites, opt-in email lists,
forums, press releases, and offline promotions are just
a few of the many, many options you have to create a web

For A Search Engine Specialist?

Sometimes a SEO is the way to go.

There are many variables and contant changes happening everyday
with search vehicles and many frustrations that accompany
achieving top ratings. One solution is hiring a professional
who specializes in search engine optimization. The valuable
time and effort saved can prove to be very cost effective.
A professional can do the dirty work of creating web site
awareness on the search engines and you can do what you
do best, take care of your business.


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free software download for webmaster

Keyword Live

AnalogX Keyword Live shows you the top 100 keywords and phrases being used on several popular search engines on the web - in real time!

236k file.

Zone Alarm - Free Firewall

The absolute best free protection you can have for your computer. Protect your computer and computer contents while online and offline. Protect Now!


Download: 1.6M file.


A great time saving tool. Free! You define buttons that will type in any information you want into any application. Fill out forms on the web, or process forms at work. Great tool for applications like creating HTML code or writing standard letters or emails.. Totally FREE!

Download: 372k file here. Win95/98.

Sam Spade

Best free tool for a webmaster! Features; Ping, NSlookup, who is, traceroute, finger, SMTP VRFY, website download,email header analysis, and more. Use this web tool to track spam, to monitor your website, to troubleshoot connection problems. This is a webmasters dream tool. And Free! Win95/98/NT.

1.80M file.

FTP - Commander 4.01
Finally a free FTP program. Not a professional one but very
funtional for free. Program allows to delete, to rename and to copy files; to create and to delete directories on FTP - server.

336k file. Win95/98.

Lite 4.9 (New)

Freeware version an award-winning text editor for Windows 95 and NT4. Create web pages, write source code, send e-mail, take notes, analyse text, read files, and much more!

1.84M file. Win 95/98.

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
A spidering software that checks Web sites for broken links. Works better than alot of professional products. This is freeware link checker software that has more uses then you can shake a stick at. I use it to check for dead links, to study competitors, to check web site structure, and to compile a quick list of all site urls for search engine submission. You can even use this software to search categories in the Yahoo! Directory for dead links.

1.05M file.

Alias Software

A great new search and replace software designed for webmasters needing to update tons of web pages at once. A lot of features to maintain your ad codes and search boxes. This one webmaster tool has saved me thousands of hours and has paid for itself over and over. The block replace feature is powerful and can be customized for almost any use. Replace banner code, text code, copyrights, even partial code like getting rid of font tags on multiple pages. Every webmaster should have the Alias find and replace software in their toolbox. Try it Free!

Download FREE! Click Here!

click exchange of ad for high revenue

We recently announced that AdSense would start allowing Google-certified ad networks to bid for your display ad space in order to help you find new ways to generate revenue. You may have seen today's post by Neal Mohan on the Official Google Blog announcing the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and we'd like to take a moment to let you know how these two announcements fit together.

The Google-certified ad network capability is powered by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange that we announced today. Certified ad networks are Ad Exchange participants who have gone through an additional certification process in order to be able to to bid for your ad space through AdSense. We call this feature "yield management", because it offers you the most revenue for each ad that shows on your site in real time, regardless of whether it's Google or another certified party who can offer you the highest bid.

You don't need to change any of your account settings to start allowing these ads to compete. Also, you can continue to use the Ad Review Center to control which certified ad networks can appear on your site.

Opening AdSense to certified Ad Exchange participants means that more advertisers will be able to bid on your ad space. We believe this will ultimately help you earn more revenue for your sites.

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Earn revenue from every ad impression

We've been hearing your requests for new ways to generate revenue in AdSense, and new ways to maintain control over the ads that appear on your sites. With that in mind, we're pleased to announce plans to give you the ability to allow multiple Google-certified ad networks to compete for display ad space on your site.

You may remember that we began to accept display ads served from qualified third-party vendors over a year ago, which helped increase the number of display ads competing on AdSense publisher sites. With this new change, participating ad networks can also bid in our auction to appear on AdSense sites. This new capability will help you generate the most profit for every ad that appears on your site, whether the ads come from AdWords advertisers or Google-certified ad networks.

Who are these ad networks? They're ad agencies and companies that partner with advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ads on sites they don't own themselves (much like AdSense). You'll now be able to allow advertisers from these networks to compete with AdWords advertisers for your ad space. All reporting and payments will still run through AdSense as they always have, and the available ad formats will be the same as those offered for AdWords ads.

We take the quality of ads delivered to your site seriously, so we'll be certifying all participating ad networks for adherence to our standards for user privacy, ad quality, and speed. You'll have control over which networks can show ads on your pages -- you can choose to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks completely. This means you can continue to show ads from only AdWords advertisers if you like. Visit the Help Center to learn more about managing these account settings.

We'll slowly begin allowing ads from Google-certified ad networks to appear on AdSense pages over the coming months, so you won't see an immediate impact on your ads or earnings. As new networks are certified, you'll see them appear in your account. This feature will initially be available to publishers in North America and Europe, but we hope to roll it out to additional parts of the world in the future.
Finally, some ad networks use tools similar to Google's interest-based advertising to show more relevant ads to users on the sites they visit. We'll allow certified networks who comply with user privacy guidelines to show ads using these tools, but they won't be permitted to collect data from your site for the purpose of subsequent interest-based advertising. You'll be able to opt out of receiving ads based on user interests from these certified networks, and we have changed our requirements for third-party ad serving to reflect this.

We're dedicated to providing users with a positive experience, while helping publishers effectively monetize the ads appearing on their sites. We believe you'll find that more competition translates into better ads and increased revenue in the long run.

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Tracking and effects of duplicate content

Duplicate content is a common occurrence on the web and in many cases can hurt search engine rankings. While the search engines may not always technically penalize webmasters for duplicate content, there are still a lot of ways it can hurt.
WebProNews is covering the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East in New York, where representatives from the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) discussed how their respective web properties handle duplicate content issues. Following are some takeaways from each.

Duplicate Content in Google
The way Google handles duplicate content has been discussed a lot in recent memory. This is largely due to a video Google's Greg Grothaus uploaded, in which he discusses at length, the way Google handles a variety of different elements of the duplicate content conversation.
Joachim Kupke, Sr. Software Engineer of Google's Indexing Team reiterated much of what Grothaus said. He also said that Google has a ton of infrastructure for content duplication elimination:
- redirects
- detection of recurrent URL patterns (the ability to 'learn' recurrent url patterns to find duplicated content)
- actual contents
- most recently crawled version
- earlier content
- contents minus things that don’t change on a site
Kupke said to avoid dynamic URLs when possible (although Google is "rather good" at eliminating dupes). If all else fails, use the canonical link element. Kupke calls this a "Swiss Army Knife" for duplicate content issues.

Have you followed all the duplicate content rules and still been penalized?
Google says the canonical link element has been tremendously successful. It didn't even exist a year ago, and is has grown exponentially. It has had a huge impact on Google's canonicalization decisions, and 2 out of 3 times, the canonical tag actually alters the organic decision in Google.
Google says a common mistake is designating a 404 as canonical, and this is typically caused by unnecessary relative links. So, avoid changing rel="canonical" designations, and avoid designating permanent redirects as canonical.
Also, do not disallow directives in robots.txt to annotate duplicate content. It makes it harder to detect dupes, and disallowed 404s are a nuisance. There is an exception however, and that is that interstitial login pages may be a good candidate to "robot out," according to Kupke.
Kupke says that canonical works, but indexing takes time. "Be patient and we WILL use your designated canonicals." Cleaning up an existing part of the index takes even longer, and this may leave dupes serving for a while despite rel=canonical, Kupke adds.
At SMX, Google announced that cross domain rel=canonical is coming within this year. So for example, if the Chicago Tribune has an article on the New York Times, and the rel=canonical points to the Chicago Tribune then Google will only credit the Chicago Tribune with the content.

Duplicate Content in Bing
As far as how Bing views duplicate content, intention is key. If your intent is to manipulate the search engine, you will be penalized.
Sasi Parthasarathy, Program Manager of Bing says to consolidate all versions of a page under one URL. "Less is more, in terms of duplicate content." If possible, use only one URL per piece of content.
Bing isn't supporting the canonical link element (as a ranking factor) yet, but it is coming. They do say to use it, but it's just not really a ranking factor in Bing yet. Bing says that there has been an increase in the usage of canonical tags in the past 6 months, but adoption issues still exist. According to Parthasarathy, 30% of canonical tags point to the same domain (which is fine), and 9% use it to point to other domains. This could be a mistake or it could be manipulative. Bing says they will look for other factors to try and determine which it is.
Bing says canonical tags are hints and not directives. "Use it with caution," and not as an alternative to good web design.
With regards to www vs non-www, just pick one and stick with it consistently. Remove default filenames at the end of your URLs. Bing also says 301 redirects are your best friend for redirecting, use rel="nofollow" on useless pages, and use robots.txt to keep content you don't want crawled out.

Duplicate Content in Yahoo
If everything goes according to plan, you're going to need to worry about how Bing handles duplicate content if you're worried about how Yahoo handles it, but Yahoo's Cris Pierry, Sr. Director of Search, offered a few additional tips.
Pierry says descriptive URLs should be easily readable, and it's not a good idea to change URLs every year. In addition, use canonical, avoid case sensitivity, and avoid session IDs and parameters.
Pierry also says to use sitemaps, and submit them to Yahoo Site Explorer. Improve indexing by proper robots.txt usage, and use Site Explorer to delete URLs that you dont' want Yahoo to index. Finally, provide feeds to Yahoo Site Explorer, and report spam sites linking to you in Site Explorer.
Yahoo says metadata and SearchMonkey are enhancing presentation.

e-course on creating traffic and conversion (Lesson 1)

Moving on - As the owner of a website design business, I have to
admit that I've seen it all when it comes to websites.
Some clients come to me with fancy, expensive sites, packed with
lots of Flash animation and high-end gadgets. The sites look great,
but sales are virtually non-existent.
While others have homemade sites they either created themselves or
with the help of a friend or relative (or the high school kid down
the street). These sites usually give a very unprofessional image
and don't perform.
And more than a few don't even have a website (and that's the kiss
of death in today's wired world).
Well, no matter where you are in the process of getting on the web,
this course will help you create a better, more successful website.
Since most of my clients tend to be businesses, we're going to
focus on creating commercial websites that increase sales and
generate more leads.
However, even if you have an informational website, you'll pick up
a few tricks from this e-course to help you attract and retain more
We'll even talk about how your website can open up additional
revenue streams for you or your business.
So let's get started...
First, I want to share the two most important ingredients that
every commercial website needs...
Traffic and conversion.
Here are the short and sweet definitions:
Traffic is simply the people who visit your website, preferably
people who want what your business produces or sells.
And conversion means getting those people to perform a desired
action while they are visiting your site. That action might be
buying your product directly from your website using online
ordering or phone, or it could be contacting you by email, phone,
or online form for more information (in other words, a lead).
If your site has both traffic and conversion, then it's doing its
job and becomes an important asset to your business.
But, if either one of these ingredients is missing, then your
website (and business) is in trouble.
Let's take a closer look at traffic.
Quality traffic (also known as "targeted traffic") means visitors
who want what your business has to offer. If you have no traffic
coming to your website (a problem for MANY businesses), then
nothing happens. Having no traffic is as bad as not having a
website at all.
Likewise, if the people visiting your site don't really want what
you offer, then nothing happens.
For example, say you own a plant nursery. But the people who visit
your site are looking for furniture for a BABY nursery. You
certainly won't sell many tree seedlings, tomato plants, or
gardening supplies to new parents who are shopping for a crib.
We'll get more into how to find and attract visitors to your
website in Lesson 4 of this course. So keep checking this page. You can even bookmark this page at the top of this content or subscribe this page to your mail through second column using your email address.
And conversion is just as important as traffic.
That said; most people's websites are absolutely horrible at
The first step is getting people to stay on your website long
enough to take the action you want them to take.
That's tougher than it sounds. For most websites, the average visit
lasts less than 30 seconds before the visitor clicks away.
A website that converts well will first capture a visitor's
attention through a combination of effective design (which includes
photos, graphics, and layout) with relevant copy (the text).
Once your website has a visitor's attention, the copy and design
should work together to persuade a qualified visitor to take the
action you desire.
Conversion is an interesting combination of art and science. And
what's really interesting is the fact that even small improvements
in conversion can mean a huge increase in sales and profits.
Increasing your site's conversion rate from 1% to 2% means DOUBLING
your results. That's twice as many sales or leads!
But don't worry if conversion rates don't mean much to you now.
We'll cover conversion in more detail in our next installment.
So, Check this page for more info on conversion. You can even bookmark this page at the top of this content or subscribe this page to your mail through second column using your email address.