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A recent study by McAfee found that four out of five website visits start with a search engine query. So if your website doesn't have good search engine rankings then you're missing out on 80% of the traffic you could be getting. This translates to making 80% less money from your website than you could be. Any search engine optimization expert will tell you that submitting to directories is one of the fastest and single-most effective means of improving your search engine rankings.

So what are Website Directories?

A website directory categorizes websites so that a person can manually find information they are looking for, rather like a phone book or the yellow pages. Website directories provide an alternative to search engines because rather than just the big sites being listed at the top, it is the user who chooses which site to visit by reading a description of the different sites to see which matches their requirements best. Obviously the more directories you can submit your website to, the more traffic your website will receive.
Submitting to web directories will therefore have two massive benefits for your website: the first is that your website will get direct, targeted traffic from the directories themselves, secondly your website will obtain a good quality, one-way link from every directory you submit to, this will drastically improve your search engine rankings and Google PageRank, often moving your website many pages in the search engine results. More information on website directories.

and what are Article Directories?

What you need to do as a webmaster is write an article about something related to the subject of your website. For example, if you ran a website about sporting collectables you could write an article about how others could become collectors, or how to value items - basically anything you want to so long as it relates to your website topic. Somewhere in the article or your author biography you include a link to your website, and you then submit your article to 'article directories' on the Internet. An article directory is a repository of lots of articles that other people have submitted. For every article directory that publishes your article you'll get a link to your website (the link you included in your article).
The reason article submissions are so effective is because each article is published on its own unique webpage, meaning your link might be the only external link on that page, which gives your link full 'strength'. Also, because the article is based on the theme of your website your link is given even more strength. More information on article directory.

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