Reality Bites: Understand How search Engines Work (Part2)

Getting the best out the search engine optimization means understanding how search engines work. The basic premises of knowing search engines is that it doesnot see websites as we view them. From our standard point, we appreciate the website's graphic, the colors combination, the content and all other things that tickle our imagination.
Search Engines sees the websites based on the text that they contain. They crawl different websites to see what useful things they contain. They base their judgement on the contents of the website. That's just one part of several other things that they do:

  • Crawl

  • Index

  • process

  • Calculate

  • Determine Relevance

  • Retrieve

Search engines will make use of crawlers or spiders to explore the billions of pages on the internet. There are computer software which is specially designed to roam aroun the internet, crawl into every websites, spiders cannot visit your webpages everyday to find out what is new or what has been updated, so there will be day when you have to be sufficed that you are doing the necessary SEO work.
There are tools that you can find in the internet to find out what these search engines spiders are looking for. There are simulators that can tell you what the spiders appreciate. If you have all the glitters of flash movies and images but the spiders cannot find them, then they do not count. What cannot be seen by the spiders cannot benefit you to get the better ranking from the search engines.
The search engines make use of what they find by indexing revelent information in the database. Indexing involves tagging the words that best describe your website. These keywords will be associated to your website and will be retrived when one searches for these keywords. Optimizing your websites with the right keywords will help search engines index your website and give it a higher ranking.
When a person types a phrase to be looked for, the search engines will process it. Processing of information entails comparing the words or pharase entered against all information that is indexed in its database.
We will be looking at millions of matches so the search engine makes our lives easy by calculating for the relevancy of the websites to what we are searching for. How the search engines does this is a very complicated process that involves keyword density, links, metatags and a lot more factors.
Search engine have different algorithm to come up with the results, thus we are given options by Google, Yahoo!, bing etc. From time to time, the search engines also alter their formula to determine the relevance of the websites so it is very important that you have an SEO plan to keep pace with any development. SEo will make sure that you are among the top search results.
Once the search engine has determined the right websites that you might be looking for, it then retrieves that data and displays on our browsers the lists of web pages which can shoose from.