Latest trend in search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is highly dynamic in nature. The trends that worked in the year 2006 may not find relevance in 2007. Various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Messenger, adopt unique techniques to identify the valuable contents from the spam spreading through the web.
The latest SEO trends focus not only on the keywords/phrases as it had done before, but also on other aspects such as the theme of the website, the social behavior of searching, etc.
Google, the No.1 search engine in the world, uses an algorithm named PageRankTM, a procedure by which it assigns a value to a website according to its relevance to the searched item. Google has now empowered its algorithm with more ‘common sense’ to carry out the tedious task of separating the relevant contents from the spam. The method adopted for this is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).
The LSI is all about categorizing a websites on the basis of its theme. This method effectively eliminates the spam websites that used to stuff their pages with keywords matching the preferences of various search engines. In the advanced search process, Google spiders scan and evaluate the entire content to identify the theme of the website. For example, if a website contains the words such as ‘SEO’ ‘website traffic’, ‘search engine’, etc., repeated in it, it will categorize this website as the one intended for ‘website marketing’. LSI is effective as it gives a ‘sensible’ search result to the visitor. Moreover, it is a great help to webmasters who develop the website in an organic manner (natural means of improving the optimization of the website). To improve SEO under this method, all they have to do is to keep the theme of the website in their mind and supply user-friendly content.
Another latest trend in SEO is the social bookmarking adopted by Yahoo!. Social bookmarking is the process of saving a website link online for further reference. This can be done in both public and private manner. If it is done publicly, the link will be shown to all.
There are many active bookmarking websites; the most popular among them is del.icio.us. Thus social bookmarking can be called as a method of categorizing the most-sought-after pages in the web. In other words, this is a method where the visitors to a website contribute to its optimization.
The process of bookmarking starts with submitting a link to a bookmaking site such as del.icio.us. After submitting a number of links to the bookmarking site, one can export the links to Yahoo MyWeb. Whenever these links in the Yahoo MyWeb appears in their Search Engine Page Result (SERP), they will be displayed with a special status, showing the details of bookmarking, such as the number of visitors to the link. This facility, therefore, automatically improves the SEO. However, there are spammers who abuse social bookmarking, and of course, Yahoo! has confronted them effectively by introducing ‘no follow’ commands to the links added to it.
Both methods, LSI and social bookmarking, are the latest ethical practices of SEO. However, the conventional practices that rely on keyword density and inbound links, still find relevance in Google. The basic idea of all SEO processes is to encourage the websites that share the relevant contents to the visitors. Good Luck!

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