Method of formatting you images

The different search engines do not know how to see the visual extras of websites like images, flash movies, audios, and java scripts. Web masters are able to help search engine spiders by making use of text descriptions. These texts about the visual extras will enable the search engine to index them.

The search engines may evolve though in the future with them able to index images or videos without the need for text descriptions.

Images are essential to the design of the website. They are a must so they will be attractive to the eyes of internet users. The dilemma of webmasters though is that search engines will not be able to use any of the information that will be placed in the images.
It must be pointed out that clear text links and proper anchor text are as vital as the images. The use of images and textual links is a tough balancing act. Great images may be very friendly to internet users but they will be useless if search engines can not find them. A design compromise must be made to make sure that the website is SEO friendly.
Site owners and designers must closely collaborate and agree that images are still vital parts of the design but they must not be used for displaying text or serve as links. It is not an option to dismiss the use of images since it is an integral part of the aesthetics of the website.
HTML specifications do not require descriptions of images but textual descriptions are a must so search engines will be able to find your website. Make sure to use an informative name and provide appropriate additional information.