You now know what PR is, and how to increase your site’s PR (by

getting other web sites to link to your site). Now we need to talk about the

links themselves.

There are ways to link and then there are ways to link.

Getting tons of web sites to link to you is important…but HOW they link

to you is even more important. Here’s where it gets tricky because you

have little to no power over what those other web sites do, or how they link

to you.

Imaging the Google Bot (that’s the little snippet of computer code, what

we call a “robot” or “bot” for short, that Google sends out to scour the

Internet searching for web sites that Google can index)….imagine that little

Google bot stumbles onto a web site. He scans the web site. He notices that

this web site has lots of links to other web sites.

The next thing he does is look at the links….he picks them apart…he

looks at their anchor text. These all give the Google bot clues as to what

those web sites are about.

Anchor text….that may be a term you’ve never heard before but it’s one

of the most important terms in this eBook and it’s responsible for all the site

traffic you’ll ever hope to get…

You’re going to want to pay special attention to this next section…