Top 22 internet millioneer under 30 years

Internet is a great place to find the thing/s you are looking for, also it is a place where some people get rich, even millionaires. There are different ways to do it, some are making a profitable online business such as valuable internet resources, affiliate marketing companies, top affiliate marketers, developers and so on, but the common between them are: internet and the great idea they have on their minds. We also see young men and women, who drive shiny cars, leaving in nice looking houses and having enough money to live happy. Well, some of these people could be you someday.
Mark ZuckerbergFacebook$700 Million
Andrew GowerRunescape$650 Million
Chad HurleyYoutube$300 Million
Blake Ross and David HyattMozilla$120 Million
Andrew MichaelFast Hosts$110 Million
Angelo SotiraDeviant ART$75 Million
John VecheyPopCap Games$60 Million
Alexander LevinImage Shack$56 Million
Jake NickellThreadless$50 Million
Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-SmithTagged$45 Million
Sean BelnickBiz Chair$42 Million
Matt MullenwegWordPress$40 Million
Kevin RoseDigg$31 Million
Aodhan CullenStat Counter$25 Million
Markus FrindPlenty Of Fish$23 Million
Robert SmallMiniClips$23 Million
Ryan BlockEngadget$20 Million
Matt MickiewiczSitepoint$18 Million
Tom FulpNewgrounds$15 Million
Rishi Kacker and Matt PaukerVoltage$12 Million
Catherine and David CookMy Year Book$10 Million
Fredrik NeijThe Pirate Bay$10 Million

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