Next alternative is to Bing

Have you been itching to try out Bing? Looking longingly at the screenshots around the Web wondering how those lucky few got early access? Wondering who you have to know to get an invite code to check out all your favorite queries?

How about the next best thing? Head over to the BehindBing site at http://www.discoverbing.com/behindbing/ and get all the cool-kids info to help you get ready for Bing's public launch. You can see some behind-the-scenes videos (shot with soft lighting so you know they are serious) featuring some of our engineers, way too much Stefan, live Twitter and Blog feeds so you can see what the world is saying about us (that sounds so narcissistic) and most importantly for some — the Product Guide. It has a bunch of great info on all the features, how to use them once Bing is alive for all, screenshots, and screencasts featuring...yes...more Stefan. It's like I'm a video virus. Get it here!
Stefan Weitz,